December 12, 2017

When I started serving as an Orange County Commissioner, people asked me how I was going to handle that responsibility along with my full-time job with Ipas. I'd usually respond that I have an embarrassment of riches, two jobs that I love. Now, after ten years in elected office, I've decided it is time to share the riches. There are plenty of people who are as passionate as I am about the well being of Orange County residents, particularly our youth and those living with extra challenges, so I have chosen to leave the door open for others to serve. I will not file to run for another term as County Commissioner.

That said, I have another year in my term as County Commissioner and look forward to serving Orange County to the best of my ability. I'm grateful to the Orange County leaders from the past who made this a wonderful place to live, my current colleagues who are dedicating dozens of nights of their lives to make Orange County an even better place, and, most especially, the voters who gave me this life-changing opportunity.

Warm regards,
Mia Burroughs