Candidate for Board of Commissioners

Endorsed by the Indy, the Sierra Club, and the Daily Tar Heel

I am running for the District 1 seat on the Orange Board of County Commissioners. The current Commissioner in that seat, Alice Gordon, has made long-lasting contributions to our County and, when she retires from the Commission next December, will leave big shoes to fill. I look forward to seeking her advice as well as that of the many dedicated, effective leaders who serve throughout Orange County.

I have lived in all three points of the Triangle, but 18 years ago we chose to move to Orange County.  Our county is a wonderful place, thanks to the visionary leadership we have been so fortunate to have. My children have thrived in the public schools and benefited from our great county sports facilities. All four of us have enjoyed the natural beauty preserved by previous generations and the increasing options for activities and dining in our towns. It’s because of these opportunities locally that I have chosen public service as a way to show my gratitude and give back to our community and its citizens.

I can contribute to the continued successful leadership of Orange County because I have the knowledge and skills honed through six years of service on the Chapel Hill School Board, including as Chair and Vice Chair, and my professional work with numerous Orange County nonprofits that serve youth and improve access to reproductive health. Both professionally and as a public servant, I have developed an excellent understanding of the County budget which is where many of the county's values are reflected. I have built effective working relationships with leaders of the towns, the county and the Orange County Schools. I have worked to decrease tension between our two school districts and focus on our shared goals of serving all our children well. I will continue to build my relationships with other local leaders to close other gaps between governing bodies so we can serve all our citizens well.

My passion is promoting strong institutions that build our human capital. I will be an avid supporter of our public schools and our community college. For the first time in over two decades there are no County Commissioners who have been employed by our school systems or have served on a School Board. The County’s single largest expenditure, nearly half its funds, is for our public schools so it is important to have a Commissioner who has a detailed understanding of how those funds are spent.

I will also advocate for human services, including emergency services, and the rights of those who have typically been overlooked. I want to be part of the final resolution of the challenges at Rogers Road and look forward to promoting responsible and balanced economic development to help meet all those needs while keeping our County's healthy financial status.

I hope you will share with me your thoughts regarding what you think is working well in Orange County government and what needs attention. I have counted on this type of citizen feedback in my years as a school board member and will continue to do so as your County Commissioner.

Warm regards,

Mia Burroughs